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We are an innovative, expanding manufacturer of liquid laundry, cleaning and detergent products. We produce universal cleaners and specialised products (descalants, WC-cleaners, ambient fragrances and chlorine-based products) for the various applications and sales sectors of our customers. Whether retails brands or manufacturers’ brands, products for consumers or for industrial clients, our extensive range has the right cleaning product for every purpose.

The big picture

Messing und Keppler has been part of Buck corporate group since the beginning of 2013 buck-group.com.

Cooperation from A to Z

Throughout the entire process, our priority is implementing cooperation through partnership. Our range of services encompasses all stages of contract manufacturing, from procuring materials and preparing the basic mixtures, all the way through to shipping the finished, fully-packaged goods. In addition, selective contract manufacturing options are available for individual areas, such as mixing, filling and packing.

our mission statement

our values

  • Our development approach incorporates environmental and societal considerations.
  • Sustainability is important to us.
  • We treat one another with respect and take a constructive approach.
  • We encourage the continued professional development of all employees.
  • We act in a socially responsible manner and ensure good working conditions across all divisions.
  • Our success is attributable to all of our employees.
  • Our responsible economic approach secures our future.

our guiding principles

  • We are a reliable partner for our customers across the globe.
  • We develop innovative product ideas for, and with, our customers.
  • We manufacture high-quality products based on our longstanding experience.
  • Our focus is on premium products for niche markets.
  • We act quickly and flexibly in a chain organisation.
  • Our strength lies in the variety of solutions and services available within our corporate group.

our group

We develop and produce washing, cleaning and detergent products, as well as air fresheners. Our subsidiaries employ more than 300 employees at sites in Herrenberg, Vlotho und Lemgo (Germany), Affoltern am Albis (Switzerland), Istanbul (Turkey) and in Singapore.

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range of products (excerpt)



For the safe and thorough removal of limescale from household appliances such as filter coffee and espresso machines, fully-automated coffee machines, pad coffee machines, kettles, hot water appliances and egg boilers. Removes even heavy limescale deposits first time. Regular use ensures optimal performance of appliances, prevents unnecessary energy wastage and helps ensure that appliances perform perfectly, helping to extend their useful life.

Available Options

The product is available in various formulations and weights in containers ranging from 250ml to 1 litre in size. The product can be based on organic or non-organic acids or a combination of both. Appliance-specific solutions are possible. To protect the working parts in the appliances, special additives can also be added.



Our WC-cleaners effortlessly remove limescale, dirt and urine stains for hygienically clean bathrooms. Special formulations help counteract unpleasant odours and leave bathrooms smelling fresh and clean.

available variants

Available in various formulations, based on organic or non-organic acids or a combination of the two, as an alkali concentrate for surfaces sensitive to acids, as a liquid or gel with or without disinfectant properties to fight bacteria, mould and germs. Available in 500ml to 1 litre bottles.

ambient fragrances

Our air fresheners will fill your home with inspiring and refreshing scents. A number of the formulations can also neutralise unpleasant odours and provide lasting freshness for up to 8 weeks. Decorative ambient fragrance dispensers are available in a range of tasteful designs, which provide a pleasant, fragrant atmosphere. Also available with essential oil extracts and special formulas to counteract unpleasant odours. Depending on the version, scent is dispersed over a period of 4-8 weeks.


Ambient fragrances

Decorative ambient fragrance dispensers are available in a range of tasteful designs, which provide a pleasant, fragrant atmosphere. Also available with essential oil extracts and special formulas to counteract unpleasant odours. Depending on the version, scent is dispersed over a period of 4-8 weeks.

available variants

The product is available in a selection of formulations, colours, scents and containers, in bottles made of glass or plastic. The scent is dispersed through cored or fleece wicks, rattan or reed sticks with controllable intensity.

mould remover

mould remover

Our chlorine-based products, such as WC-cleaners and mould removers, effortlessly and thoroughly remove mould, bacteria, mould stains and discolouration from grout, tiles, walls, shower units, WC- and washbasins. The active chlorine formula disinfects and prevents odours – for simple, hygienic cleaning. For tiles, walls, shower curtains, WC- and washbasins in WC, bathroom, cellars, etc.

available options

The product is available in various active, chlorine-based formulations, in bottles with either wash bottle closure or trigger spray bottles.

Machine care

Machine care

Reliably removes fat and limescale deposits, as well as unpleasant odours from dishwashers and washing machines. Hygienically cleans and cares for dishwasher interiors and washing machine drums, tubing, heating elements, hoses etc. Reduces the likelihood of faults and expensive repairs and supports the longevity of appliances.

available options

The product is available in various formulations for dishwashers and washing machines, based on organic acids or a combination thereof, with or without the addition of special additives to protect the inner workings, with or without care components to clean and care for door seals.

limescale protector

limescale protector

Perfect limescale protection for washing machines. Regular use helps ensure stable, optimum heating performance of the heating elements, saves valuable energy, time and detergent and ensures the proper functioning of the appliance, which extends longevity. Suitable for all washing temperatures and water alkalinity.

available options

Available in various gel-formulations, as a pure limescale protector as well as a combination product with antibacterial agents to remove grime, germs and bacteria.

washing machine conditioning cleaner

washing machine conditioning cleaner

Washing machine conditioning cleaner reliably removes odours, limescale and coatings from the drum, pipes, heating elements and other essential parts and ensures that your machine is hygienically clean and cared for. Insufficient washing machine care can result in unwanted deposits, odours and may impede the performance of the appliance.



For the effective removal of fat, oil, baked-on stains etc. from the sink, cooker hood, stovetop, grill and other kitchen surfaces; also suitable for removing grease and grime from cars and bikes.

Available options

The product is available in various formulations, both in dosage-cap bottles and spray bottles.

Floor cleaners

Floor cleaners

For the regular cleaning and care of floor coverings with caring ingredients using non-coating, water-soluble substances. For laminated and parquet flooring, stone, tiles, linoleum and specially designed coverings.

Available options

Available in various formulations, colours and scents, to suit different types of floor covering and the desired cleaning and care purposes.

Our performance spectrum

Our range of services encompasses the entire contract manufacturing process

  • Procurement of materials
  • Manufacture of basic mixtures
  • Filling basic mixtures
  • Packaging and packing
  • Shipping finished goods ready for sale

We are happy to handle the entire process, including the procurement of raw materials and packaging. Based on specific individual requirements, we can also facilitate selective contract manufacturing in individual fields, such as mixing, filling/labelling and packing.

Our team is specialised in the collaborative development and implementation of product ideas in accordance with customer requirements. Customer specifications are our benchmark and the driving force behind our work, always with the ultimate goal of product optimisation and innovation.

our services


Depending on requirements, we have a choice of stainless steel or plastic mixing tanks. These comprise both mixing containers and aggregates used exclusively for surfactant-free systems and batching tanks for the manufacture of viscous products. Based on requirements and the order volume, we can accommodate batch sizes of 100-10,000 litres.


As a liquid products specialist, we are the perfect partner for everything from manual filling starting from lot sizes of 500 units, through to the fully automated filling of more than 3,500 units per hour. Our machines, developed using state of the art technology, accommodate filling volumes ranging from 25 ml – 5,000 ml, meaning we are perfectly placed to meet almost all requirements.

labelling / Sleeves

Where labelling is concerned, we have the resources to apply labels to one, two or three sides of the selected container. Alternatively, we also offer round labels and lid labels.

In addition to traditional labelling processes, we have also been using sleeve technology for several years, with a special steam tunnel to ensure high-quality film shrinking.

packaging / packing / commissioning

Depending on the lot size, packaging is carried out either manually or using automated packaging machinery. On request, we can also pack sets of articles and seal several product containers or combinations of containers and accessories together using shrink-wrap to create a single sales unit.

Logistics / shipping

On request, we can also handle Europe-wide logistics for product shipping and can even take care of all requisite customs documentation. Depending on the volume, products can be shipped either via parcel service or a shipping agent. On request, we also offer direct shipping from our warehouse to your customers, carried out without any mention of our company name.

our development

Together, we can help you develop the ideal product for you and your customers. Our performance and capacity are built on state-of-the-art machinery and the expertise of more than 100 skilled members of staff provide the foundation of our success. When developing products, we always examine aspects such as effectiveness, toxicology, ecology and economic efficiency. This applies both with respect to formulations and packaging evaluation. In addition to product development, we can also assist with all aspects of product safety and labelling, as well as compliance with official reporting duties.

Company History

Unsere Geschichte

Quality and Sustainability

Quality assurance

Our integrated management system guarantees a consistently high product quality and safety. The regular evaluation and management of the environmental impact of our work facilitates the most environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient production. As a result, we meet the quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001, the environmental aspects of DIN EN 14001 and EMAS as well as the product safety and hygiene standards of IFS HPC. Information on our environmental performance is included in our Environmental Policy. To obtain a copy of our Environmental Policy - digital or print - please give us a call or e-mail info [at] messing-keppler.de.

Our employees and the cooperation with our clients and suppliers on a partnership basis are crucial to the success of our Company and embedded in our Corporate Policy.


To contribute to the continual improvement of the sustainability of manufacturing processes and use of washing and cleaning products, we are part of the voluntary commitment to the A.I.S.E. Charter "Sustainable Washing and Cleaning”.

Product safety

On request, we can assist in product safety and labelling issues or with the submission of product reports to authorities. Services in this area comprise, inter alia:

  • Reviewing the classification and labelling of products pursuant to chemicals and biocides legislation
  • Reviewing which notices need to be stated on the container label based on the applicable legal provisions (e.g. Hazardous Substances Ordinance, Biocides Regulation, Detergents Regulation, Detergents and Cleaning Products Act, Pre-Packaging Regulation)
  • Preparing safety data sheets in accordance with the REACH-Regulation
  • Registering products with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety

certificate Downloads

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 EN
  • DIN EN 14001 EN


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